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Talie Jane Interior Design

Brand Story

To affluent Chicagoland residents who desire a well designed, inviting space rooted in antiques, Talie Jane Interiors is the personal, residential interior design company that turns a residence from house to home. Antiques have a story to tell, a memory to rekindle. By incorporating extraordinary furniture pieces and artifacts within a space, Talie Jane Interiors creates intriguing, intricate and profound designs that capture the spirit of the client and provide a sanctuary that embodies their lives.Natalie Malik, the visionary behind Talie Jane Interior, designs her interior environments around unique, antique pieces. She creates an eclectic mix of antiques with modern, traditional elements. Antiques tell a story. Natalie collects these stories to convey an even greater narrative. The result is a sophisticated, yet comfortable space, one that reflects her clients’ tastes and needs.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: I decided to focus on the stories that her designs and interior tell and wanted to create a logo design that would embody her design philosophy and also represent the idea of bringing together of various pieces to make a whole. Talie Jane Interiors strives to provide quality, timely and sophisticated designs, based on the incorporation of antiques. Each space should tell a story in an artistic and beautiful way while reflecting the client’s personality and meeting the client’s design needs.I wanted to bring this quality and attention to detail and symbolic storytelling aspects of the brand story with the help of a design that tells a story. The result was an idea with the home at the center of the icon and lines radiating out in the form of an abstract sun. On each of the rays of the sun, you find circles of different sizes. These circles represent the various elements the designer uses to create divergence. This divergent combination transforms a space from house to home.

To compliment the stunning new logo design, we create matching stationery design that reflected the elegance and eclectic nature of the interiors the client designed. We then extended this look and feel to the website in terms of the colors and simplicity. The rays of the logo have then become the visual reference elements used on the letterhead, business card background, website header area and then extended into the marketing materials such as brochures and flyers.

It is quite challenging to create a brand logo for a client who is also a creative in their own way but I must admit, this project has been a joy to work on. The client’s sense of style and color was quite evident in her work and I honed in on this right from the get go. This enabled me to create a design that not only would work well with the target audience in terms of visuals, but also give the client to build on the story being told in the design.

What we did

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / website Design

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