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Brand Story

Innovation Company Website Design – TABALWOR stands for the betterment of mankind through innovation and evolution based on research, interdisciplinary culmination of knowledge and skill sets fuelling growth and development of individuals, companies, organizations and governments!

With a team of interdisciplinary experts, TABALWOR believes that future of mankind lies in the application of innovation through research and education. Bringing the magic of science to the global audience while trying to build innovation strategies for companies and governments is the ultimate goal of our organization.

When the client wanted a Innovation Company Website Design that reflected their state of the art software, they turned to SpellBrand to help them create a stunning website!


Innovation Company Website Design

What we did

Brand Strategy, Visual Language, Website Design, Icon Design

Innovation Company Website Design – A single page landing website using the bootstrap framework and standards compliant xHTML and CSS. Originally created on the WordPress platform but later converted into a static HTML page.

Website Design Solution: The client wanted a single page landing website to announce the launch of their awesome organization that celebrates the power of innovation. We started off with creating a single page website on the WordPress platform but the client later wanted to integrate the website with the backend customer portal which was on

A single page landing website is a very effective tool to communicate the launch of a startup or venture and to get the marketing engine going and getting the word out about the venture. However, content flow and navigation are critical to enhance the usability factor of the website. The audience should be able to move around the page with out hassle.

When creating single page landing websites, ensure that they work well on mobile devices. The website should be responsive and allow the user to move through different sections of the page intuitively.

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