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Client: Icon Business Management

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Tampa, Florida

Design Analysis: Icon Business Management is an accounting practice that provides our clients with accounting, international tax, and business management services, specifically targeted to the entertainment industry. Their clients are from all realms of the entertainment industry, including a wide variety of musicians, actors, athletes, writers, directors, producers and other entertainment-related companies and executives. The standard Business Management service goes well beyond duties such as bill paying, tracking receivables and preparing tax returns. They customize reporting and services in general to fit our client’s needs and understanding.

The client wanted to see any symbol associated with accounting, finance, tax, business management. The goal was to have something that is professional but yet creative and fun as their clients are creatively minded and entertainers. The client preferred not to use any music, film, or sport images as they did not want to alienate certain entertainers. For example, their clients can be, DJs, Directors, Cinematographers, Artists, Fashion stylists, Comedians, Writers, etc.

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