Hotel Development Logo Design & Brand Identity

Hotel Development Logo Design & Brand Identity
Hotel Development Logo Design
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JMK Group is a hotel development and construction company based out of London, UK. With an ambitious brand mission and matching core values, JMK is set out to dominate the hotel development landscape in the EU.

The clients realized that to penetrate a market and gain both market share and mindshare, a rock solid and high impact brand identity is a must and to make that happen they came to SpellBrand.

The client wanted an integrated typographic logo that had a very simple and subtle icon integrated into the name. To achieve that minimalistic look, we created a typographic logo of the acronym JMK by creating the letter through negative space and a simple triangle to not only represent the pinnacle but also form the letter M. Leading from the acronym is a simple scroll with the word Group set it in.

The result is a dynamic and yet simple looking logo that works well on many different levels. By choosing colors that the client can own in that market space, we created a stunning logo design and brand identity that will stand the test of time.

According to the UK Development Opportunities Report by Knight Frank, UK hotel supply grew by 2.7% in 2016 with a third of all new supply found in London. The Capital was boosted by 5,000 new hotel rooms. Bath, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Belfast rank as the Top 5 cities in Knight Frank’s inaugural UK Hotel Development Index. The budget hotel sector accounted for 50% of all new UK hotel supply in 2016. It now represents a quarter of the UK’s total hotel supply. With such a fast-growing and highly competitive landscape, it is a must that brand should have identities that stand out and tell a story.

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We had recently worked with a Hotel in Central Dublin for whom we had created a kick-ass brand identity and website design and now working with a brand on the other side of the spectrum in the hotel development industry has been very interesting and rewarding.

For this client, we created a complete brand identity system including a primary logo design, a secondary brand mark, an official brand pattern, a package design, matching business card design, Facebook cover image and more.

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