Home Inspectors Company Logo Design

Client: Home Inspectors Network

Type Of Project: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Client Location: Memphis; Tennessee

Design Analysis: The Home Inspectors Network website is a database of over 20,000 local home inspectors throughout the United States allowing home buyers to quickly and easily find a home inspector. The site enables a home inspector to provide a myriad of information about themselves including but not limited to: logo, picture of themselves, blog, picture of home inspector horrors. Clients will also be able to leave reviews of their business as well.

The client wanted an “internet style” design for their logo and one that indicated that the business was internet based. To achieve this we created an icon of a magnifying glass showing a house with the door open. Although it may seem like a cliche to use a magnifying glass, for this brand it is very apt. When designing a logo, it is not about not using cliches. It is about using whatever design element that suits the brand and the target audience.

Home Inspectors Company Logo Design
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