Client: Knelvet Hat Company

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: New York

Design Analysis: Knelvet is a dynamic and adventurous hat company with a passion for creating hats based on innovation and unlike other hats, lower the amount of static and changes of messing up ones hair when taking hat off. They strive to empower and inspire their customers as they wear their hats and accessories and support their passion to end the human sex trade industry.

Knelvet’s ideal customers are trendsetters and prefer quality over value. They also rather have a garment that catch the eye over saving money on garments. Some one who is interested in the fashion world and understand the clothing brand landscape.

The talented logo design team at Spellbrand created a minimalistic logo with a half star as the brand mark to signify fulfilment – customers filling the other half of the star with their lives and adventures.

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