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Handy+ Handyman Services

Brand Story

Handy+ (HandyPlus) are Uber for Handymen (later, they will progressively add in other trades, then other ‘on demand’ home-visit services eg babysitting, masseuse, cleaning, etc.). A housewife (most likely person to use our service is a married, homeowner, female between the ages of 25 to 40) notices a dripping faucet. Rather than calling around fro estimates, she just opens their mobile app, presses ‘need a handyman now’ & waits for somebody to accept the job (hopefully, immediately). Once accepted by a tradesman/handyman she can see his profile image and rating. At the end of the job, the fee (a per minute charge) is simply charged to he preloaded credit card and she rates the tradesman. If a tradesman has some free time between his other commitments, he simply opens his HandyPlusPro app and then waits – much like an Uber or taxi driver – for a nearby job to come up. If he wants the job, he accepts it and is guided to the customers house. When he gets there, the homeowner confirms what work needs to be done, and if he can do it, he accepts the job and ‘per minute’ charging kicks in. Once he completes the work, he clocks off the job, rates the owner (we don ‘to want abusive customers on our system) and an invoice is automatically sent to the customer.An awesome service like this needed a fresh and modern logo and the client came to SpellBrand to help them with the branding.

Brand Solution

The premise was that this brand would expand and cover a lot more services beyond just handy men in the domestic and commercial setting. They could move into virtual assistance or even design and marketing. To enable the brand to grow and suit the future vision, we had to create a simple and abstract design that would work well with any vertical and market segment.So we decided to focus on the text and typography and just use the “+” as a symbol. The result was a series if typographic logo designs with the plus symbol. The final result is an elegant and modern looking logo with a beautiful customised font and clean lines.

What we did

Logo Design / Graphic design / Brochure design / Company Profile design

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