Grand Hotel Logo Design

Client: Grand Hotel
Services: Logo Design

Brand Story: A fantastic looking luxury logo that reflects the high end nature of the hotel in question. The gold and elegant font and the intricate and delicate monogrammed icon create the right kind of impact. We have worked with a number of luxury and 5 star hotels in the past and bring a lot of experience to the table.

Creating a brand identity for a 5 Star hotel can be quite challenging because the client may already have some preconceived ideas on how the design should be. While this is well and good and a designer would always respect such ideas and wishes, it is the responsibility of the design professional to ensure that the story of the brand is paramout in choosing the visual elements of the identity.

At SpellBrand we start from the story of the hotel, then move to the target market and try and link the two in a way that makes sense. We try to understand the kind of visuals that would motivate that particular target audience. We dig deep and try to get to know the primary market – what they like, hate, believe etc.

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