Gaming Website Logo Design

Gaming Website Logo Design

Client: Gaming Circle Website Logo Design (visit client website)

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Design Analysis: GamingCircle is a gaming community which allows users to search for and contact fellow gamers who not only play the same games as them, but have the same playing schedules, speak the same language(s) and have the same gaming interests. Users can also rate those gamers that they contact to form a gamer rating as an indication to other users.

The website, however, is not a social networking site; there will be no ‘free’ messaging and users will not have friends lists. The website is a social facilitator rather than a network. While the client wanted the brand to feel like a friendly community, emphasis will be placed on the service itself.

So we created a logo design icon that represents an abstract gaming control with a plus sybmol on one side and the classic four buttons you find on most gaming console controllers. The result is a beautiful, modern and memorable logo design.

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