Freedom Worship Center Logo Design

Freedom Worship Center Logo Design

Freedom Worship Center is a Christian non-denominational purpose driven church that is planting their roots in Warrenton Virginia. They are a church that is dedicated to reaching the lost and the unchurched, that they may come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Praise and Worship is an extremely important part of who they are as a church body, and is vital to their growth in their intimacy with God the Father. Their style of worship is contemporary, upbeat, with an emphasis on capturing the very heartbeat of their own congregation/church body. What better way to accomplish that very goal than through the playing and writing of their own original music.

They place a high value on youth ministry, community outreach, and membership/ fellowship. Their vision is to see the birth of Freedom Worship Center grow into a dynamic God fearing house of worship that is committed to reaching the lost all in the name of Christ Jesus. Their vision is to plant other campuses of Freedom Worship Center up and down the east coast (starting out right in Warrenton VA, which is the birthplace of the vision God gave them, which they intend to be the headquarters/or main campus for all Freedom Worship Center locations).

When Freedom Worship Center wanted a logo design identity that matched their vision, values and beliefs, they came to SpellBrand which has tremendous amount of experience working with Churches and Ministries with their brand identities.

The whole premise of Freedom in Christ – free from the bondage of religion (the religion of man), freedom from the curse of the law sin and death. With this in mind, we designed a Cross – with the breaking of chains showing an illustration of the Cross actually breaking the chains. Mid-way up from the trunk of the Cross you would see the chains being broke a part by the cross. If you were looking at the Cross head on, it would show the chains wrapped around the cross but in broken pieces, showing the breaking of chains in that manner.

The final design was a big hit with the local community and the Church members since it really shows the power of “freedom” and the breaking of the chains of religion that has tied man down.

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