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Activewear Logo Design branding

In recent years, the fitness industry has continued to boom and fitness brands have seen more success than ever before. Most of this has to do with the rising number of people in America and Europe who are more concerned about their nutrition and fitness levels. Even though obesity and being overweight is still a huge problem in these areas of the world, tons of people are taking their health into their own hands. This has caused the number of gym memberships to rise dramatically, the number of people on diet plans to skyrocket, and allowed a huge market for organic foods and trendy health foods.

But what are some of the big trends to look out for in the fitness industry? For one, the importance of community has been growing in recent years. Many gym-goers have grown tired of working out by themselves and have grown fond of group fitness classes. Whether they are going to do yoga or CrossFit, people are looking for the community now more than ever. Another big movement comes when you look at nutritional supplements. With the growing number of vegans in key markets, more people are looking to “veganize” their supplements. This represents a huge emerging market for fitness companies. Another trend to take notice of is the fact that fitness devices and apps are moving towards gathering live feedback during workouts. This means that fitness devices will measure minute movements during someone’s workouts to develop a personalized plan and track progress.

As you might guess, all of these changes and growth means that the fitness industry is just getting more crowded as time goes by. And that makes it difficult for brands to set themselves apart from their competitors. Why would consumers go to your brand when one of your competitors is selling similar products or services?

That’s where your brand’s identity comes into play. Your core messaging and your values are the things that really set your company apart from the competition. That’s why Flex Goddess came knocking on our doors. This client of ours wanted to wear something that personified the spirit of empowerment since she was super into fitness. She could never find a brand that matched her vision, so she took it upon herself to create one. With a distinct mission to inspire women to be their own inspiration to be healthier versions of themselves, she came to Spellbrand for some brand advice and brand identity work.

Our talented design team took into account her target audience (young and old females who strive to feel beautiful through continuous transformation) and decided to create an emblem-like symbol. This design has a wreath and a star in the center to represent her customers as being stars, in their own respect. And of course, in the middle of the star are the initials F&G, for Fitness Goddess. When you look at this logo, you really know that our client is one that’s going to push you to be the better version of yourself.

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