Fleetwood Church Logo Design

Client: Fleetwood Church Logo Design (visit client website)

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Design Analysis: Fleetwood Church is a mid-sized church (approx 500 in average attendance) in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania – about ten miles outside of Reading, PA. Their attenders range from farmers to city dwellers. They are passionate about seeing people’s lives transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ particularly through their Community Groups and Bible teaching and worship services.

The client wanted to communicate their passion that the Bible offers the words of life. However, they are also now focused on becoming a church comprised of Community Groups where they do life and mission together and hence came to SpellBrand to design a logo to taken them to the next phase.

We created an icon that truly represents the vision of the church. The icon shows the horizon indicating hope and the Bible on which you can see a tree with leaves representing the members and community with the body of the tree is a cross. What could be more inspiring than that!

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