First Risk Advisors Logo Design

First Risk Advisors Logo Design

Client: First Risk Advisors Logo Design (visit client website)

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Doylestown, PA

First Risk Advisors put together health care packages for schools (mostly colleges), employee benefits, and more. They are like the middle man between the health insurance companies and colleges. They do a lot of selling to college administration than on the student/individual level. They do a lot of work with companies and corporations.

Since they are a consultant specializing in student health insurance, intercollegiate sports and employee benefits, we had to create a logo design that connected well to the corporate and Government target audience. For the icon we chose to go with George Washington’s eye in a wood cut style from the turn of the century. The result is  very intriguing design that makes one think.

Vintage based identities are very effective if done right. Here is an example of a vintage style typography based design that creates a sense of old world charm and grace. This genre coupled with woodcut style creates a stunning brand identity that creates a lot of brand recall.

In this design, you see a sailor motif with ornate embellishments, ropes, and anchors in the form of a lifesaver. Of course, this design is not practical to be used a logo design but works great as a secondary brand mark or a poster etc.

If this style of design seems too daring for your brand, you can take a small section of the design – like we did above for First Risk Advisors. Or alternatively, you can take modern photos, turn them into black and white and then use the woodcut style to create a vintage look.

If going for the vintage and woodcut style, make sure that your brand story and your customer’s worldview align with your brand identity.

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