Financing, Loans and Credit Company Logo Design & Branding

This financing, loans and credit company provides financing and advancing short term and long term loans and credits to individuals, companies or association of individuals.

The client wanted a finance logo that was High Tech, Abstract/Artistic and was also Clean/Simplistic. They wanted a combination of text and symbol/design that communicated trust, professionalism, robustness, safety, security, and care. To communicate, all these messages in a single logo icon can be quite difficult and the cardinal rule of any brand mark should be simplicity.

So the talented branding team at SpellBrand distilled all the attributes of the message into a single focal point – one of care and trust.

This was visualized into an icon that depicted an abstract pair of hands cupping. The negative space between the abstract hands is where the customers will be – in a caring and safe pair of hands.

The result is a stunning logo design that was then extended to the business card design, letterhead, and envelope design too.

Client: Fortress

Type Of Project: Logo Design & Brand Identity

Client Location: Los Angeles, CA

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