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Client Details

Client: Brenda Lee Designs

Location: Phoenix Metropolitan area and Bordering Mexico Communities such as Puerto Penasco and San Carlos

Brand Story:
Brenda Lee is a leading Interior Designer in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and Bordering Mexico Communities such as Puerto Penasco and San Carlos. After years of super success with her interior design clients, Brenda Lee got inspired to extend her creativity to designer wear and fashion. Thus was born Brenda Lee Fashions. Starting with a bedazzled looking jewel encrusted paid of beautiful boots, Brenda Lee Fashions is set to become a major player in the upscale fashion arena.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Brand Strategy, Print Design, Brand Usage Guidelines

Brand Strategy: One of the first products that Brenda Lee is launching is a jewel encrusted boot with two swans branded into the leather. These swans are very close to the designer’s heart and she wanted us to create an identity around them.

To enable her to bring her brand and vision to life, Brenda approached SpellBrand to help her create a brand identity complete with a logo design, matching stationery design and a superb ecommerce website to sell her awesome products.

Since Brenda Lee’s fashion brand targets the upscale target market that appreciates and desires beautiful embellished products that are beautifully designer by creative designers, the whole brand had to match the larger than life designer and the target audience. Brenda was looking for is that feminine, Story Telling Logo, with an artistic flare. We knew right away that the brand had to be larger than life and hence should have a crest of some sort. We wanted to make the design ornate and at the same time simple and elegant.

Brand Solution: Working with this premise, we researched a lot of heraldic and crest based designs to understand the anchor point in such a design approach in Brenda Lee’s context. The two swans would form the heart of the logo and we planned on having a wreath design around the swans. The client also wanted a crown to be some how incorporated into the design.The slogan “Embellished Luxuries” was something Brenda wanted us to incorporate into the design and we felt that a scroll would work well to break the design evenly and enable the client to use the various elements of the logo for different purposes and layouts. For the name itself we chose a fairly regal font.

Once the design was complete, we create two different version of the logo – one for a white background with a purple toned logo and another for a very dark purple background with a golden logo. We then moved onto creating a light and dark stationery design that uses both the purple tone logo and the gold toned logo in equal measure.

Extending the brand identity, we then created a splendid looking website design that brought to life Brenda’s vision and creativity with a power shopping system to back it up. The website is highly responsive and scalable enabling Brenda’s IT team to manage the online store effortlessly.

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