Accountability Programme for Entrepreneurs Logo Design

Client: Kajoler Entrepreneur App Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Kajoler offers training, advice, and consultancy for small businesses and start-ups specializing in digital marketing, personal development, and company growth. Although it started as a business coaching venture, it pivoted into an entrepreneur accountability program with a free and premium membership system that includes

  • Weekly Members Only Newsletter
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Kajoler Book Club
  • Exclusive Member Discounts & Giveaways
  • Ask Me Anything Access
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Kajoler Goal Achievement Programme

To bring this unique and innovative brand to life, we created an icon and color palette that looks refreshing, vibrant and powerful. The icon is made up an abstract sun representing hope and intertwining lines to signify structure and team building. The low-poly background pattern gives the brand a unique look on their website and social media channels. Another angle to look at is the concept of a stained window. The icon looks like a beautiful stained window with beautiful colors.

The font is very soft and beautiful and perfectly compliments the icon. The font is customized and made taller to create a more aesthetic appeal.

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