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INDOSPEC Energy Sector Provider

Brand Story

INDOSPEC is a leading supplier and provider of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers in the energy sector spanning from oil and gas industry to renewable or green energy worldwide. They have been focusing on secondary and enhanced oil recovery techniques and provide affordable green energy in solar panel industries. Indospec Energy Solution develops cost effective and sustainable programs that improve total performance of their clients.Their vision is to be the major global provider for the Chemical Enhance Oil Recovery (CEOR) especially in ASP Technology for the best oil recovery, and major provider of solar energy technology. Their mission is to be provider of high quality products and services to our global customers that bring added value to their business.

When INDOSPEC wanted to create a family of brands for their various natural gas, oil, green electricity, solar power, drilling and property service companies, they came to SpellBrand.

Brand Solution

To create an integrated portfolio of brands and sub-brands, the SpellBrand team worked on scores of different ideas to come up with a uniform iconic design style that ties all the various brands under the umbrella into one cohesive brand.Using the softened hexagon shape as the base, we created iconic logos for each such brand that were instantly recognisable and stayed true to the core brand vision and strategy.

For the main holding company, we combined all the major elements of the sectors that the company was operating in – Oil, Gas, Water and Power into one icon. The design emulates a power on/off symbol with a green oil drop that signifies that the company is into clean energy. The ring around the oil drop is split into multiple colors, each standing for one of the core sectors.

The result is a stunning iconic logo that sets the stage for the rest of the brands. We also created a company profile and corporate brochure that reflected the core values and mission of the company.

What we did

Logo Design / Graphic design / Brochure design / Company Profile design

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