Easy Beer Club Logo Design & Branding

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Package Design, Brand Strategy

Client Details

Client: Easy Beer Club

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brand Story:
Easy Beer Club was started by two friends in Brazil to offer their members a refreshing experience and foray into the wonderful world of beer. Along with a monthly newsletter, they deliver a kit composed by beer, cheese and cigars to subscribers every month. One of the founders Edson Cardoso approached Spellbrand to help create a brand that aligned with their passion and philosophy behind the club.Since the logo design would be used on the monthly kit packaging and other merchandize such as coasters etc, we agreed with the client during the discovery phase to create an emblem like design which would lend itself well to future branding. We also wanted to create a vintage looking badge like design that can also be given away to members.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Brand Solution

After extensive research and brainstorming, we decided to tell the story of the love for beer that the founders had. It began with the farm on which they grew up and the barley fields that surrounded their town. It then continued with the founders becoming technology entrepreneurs and their love for beer from around the world which culminated into this club. We decided to incorporate a couple of barley branches, an abstract beer mug, a star and perhaps abstract wings to add an element of aviation and flying which was their second love.The result is this stunning, warm and friendly logo design and the subsequent branding on badges, coasters and more.

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