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INDOSPEC Drilling Services

Brand Story

INDOSPEC Drilling Services, based in Indonesia, researches and designs, produces in many countries, and markets directly to operators, a complete line of chemicals and fluid systems to drill, complete, workover, cement, stimulate and produce oil, gas, geothermal and water wells. In addition, INDOSPEC Drilling Services provides engineering services and a full line of laboratory testing equipment to ensure the proper utilization of its chemicals and fluid systems.

IDS is one of the most experienced and well-established service and supply companies in the international market. IDS’s list of satisfied customers includes virtually all of the multinational and national oil and gas companies around the world.

Brand Solution

Continuing on from the main holding company that we branded, we used the hexagon base shape and created a design that combined an oil drill with a drop of oil/chemical to create a stunning icon. Oil drilling is an unpleasant business – both in terms of the actual work and public perception. PR nightmares are a norm on that industry sector and so we wanted to create an image that showcased the sustainable nature of the client’s services and vision.

Working with core values and brand mission, we were able to identify the attributes that set INDOSPEC apart from similar operators in that market segment. We also created a company profile and corporate brochure that reflected these core values.

What we did

Logo Design / Graphic design / Brochure design / Company Profile design

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