Project Summary:

Doran Consulting and Contracting is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consulting company. In a nutshell they help building owners/managers save money through more efficient building operations. Additionally, they are licensed construction supervisors, so they can actually implement the projects as well. Basically, a one stop shop for “green” building.

Target Market:

Anyone who owns property or is in a long term lease that would benefit from saving 30-60% a month in energy costs.

Design Review:

The client wanted to stand out with their identity and company logo right from the start. They wanted the identity and the look to be professional and more focused on the business aspect of the company (i.e. making customers more profitable my saving them money on energy costs) versus the environmental/save the planet side of things.

Our logo design team and logo designer researched this particular market segment and came up with ideas including the usage of the initials integrated, emblem based logo concepts to show strength, imagery to do with the construction industry and building material related icons. The client selected the creative initials concept and we refined it further to arrive at the final design.

Stationery Design for the client:

After the logo design was completed, we created an elegant stationery design concept for this consulting company including business card design, letterhead design and envelope design making up the corporate identity.

Website Design:

Finally, we moved on to creating an awesome looking website design for Doran Consulting and Contracting company. The client wanted a simple, elegant and dark themed website that would create the right kind of impression online.

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