Degeorge Home Builders Logo Design

Client: DeGeorge Home Builders

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Columbia, PA

Design Analysis: DeGeorge Home Builders is a local construction company Columbia, Pennsylvania serving the local community through honesty, integrity and affordability. With quality and craftsmanship as the foundation pillars of how they serve their customers, DeGeorge managed to become a leading construction company in the region.

As they grew, the client decided they needed a proper brand identity and a way to communicate their value proposition to other regions of PA. To this end they wanted a cute and fun looking using a recognizable symbol such as a house. We create a roof icon with 4 windows showing and a chimney and tweaked the corners to be soft to give off a friendly vibe. The choice of the font was also deliberate to evoke a sense of fun, family and honesty. The overall logo while simple and obvious creates a great impression and impact.

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