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Client: Cellar 335 (Visit Website)

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: 335 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Design Analysis: Partners Robert Palmer and Chef Jamie Knott bring cool and contemporary dining to Jersey City at Cellar 335 where Chef Knott (Saddle River Inn, previously BLT Restaurants) and chef de cuisine Jared Bane will serve Progressive American cuisine with Asian accents, and tiki-style cocktails, being artfully crafted by Joshua Fossitt and Guillermo Bravo (Weather Up, The Nomad, Featherweight.)

The dramatic room, designed by the hip boutique interior design firm D&G, features a living wall of plant life, and custom graffiti murals by local artist MustArt. The restaurant is managed by Peter Arnone, former GM of Ralph Lauren’s restaurant The Polo Bar.

The SpellBrand team created a stunning logo design drawing from the fact that the restaurant is located basement of what used to be a church, but is now a concert venue that holds 850 people. The client is using reclaimed pieces from the church as well as local artists to do graffiti and the interior. You can see references to crosses and crests in a subtle way.

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