IT Consultancy Logo Design

Client: BlackGrid Solutions Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Hove, East Sussex, UK

Design Analysis: Located in Hove, East Sussex, BlackGrid Solutions is an IT consultancy company, specialising in software development in the financial sector. The client wanted a clean, modern and crisp looking brand for the new startup.Since the company was new, we did not get much information in terms of the brand values, philosophy or even positioning strategy. The client was actually working on these items. Ideally, we like to work with clients who had already some of this homework so that the design we come up with are more relevant, impactful and align with the vision of the company. However, in this case, since the client came highly recommended, we decided to pitch in do a little bit of the brand value clarity work ourselves. This required us to conduct a focus group study of the stakeholders. We sent the client our Brand Value Clarity worksheet to complete. This worksheet asks questions whose answers would give us an insight into the value proposition of the company.

Brand Solution: For startups, it is very critical to start the branding process with understanding the value proposition of the company and to anchor that to a story. Stories are important in successful branding and creating the story is half the battle. Without a story to anchor the brand, the company would find it really hard to engage it’s audience and create the right kind of impact and brand recall. These stories could be based on the core values, how the startup came into being in the first place, mythology and more.

As we researched the UK IT Consultancy market segment, we came to the conclusion that a web 2.0 looking design would work well with the emerging market trends of this sector. Most of the direct competition had simple text base logos and hence we felt that a nice iconic treatment would work well to set the client apart. The competitors that did have icons looked quite dated.

So we set out to research and brainstorm ideas that would describe attributes such as geometric shapes, connecting dots, grid images, superimposing, stacking and other ideas that would hint abstractly at the tech and IT nature of the business and at the same time bring the message of service, quality, dedication, passion and commitment to the forefront. After several days of research and sketching, we came up with a bunch of design concepts that reflected these attributes and more.

The Challenge

The challenge with creating an IT Consultancy logo design is that the market is saturated and almost every conceivable design angle would have already been explored or used. To create a unique design that not only aligns with the company’s vision and core values but also look pleasing and stack up against the client’s expectations requires skills, talent, experience and above all a deep insight into branding principles. At SpellBrand, we believe we possess these attributes and have demonstrated this by creating winning logo designs time and again.

The Result

When the client reviewed the design concepts, he immediately honed in on the final design you see above, without hesitation. After a couple of minor tweaks and color variations, the design was finalized and we moved on to creating the rest of the brand identity which included matching stationery design.

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