Jeddah Construction Company Logo Design And Branding

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy


Najeem Construction based out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia approached Spellbrand to create a logo design, branding and stationery design for the new offshoot of their construction empire. We had worked with several clients in the Middle East in the past and always found the projects to be delightful, fast paced and fun. Clients from this region tend to believe that they are good at what they do and trust us to be good at what we do. This leads to a process where the client takes on board our creative solutions and runs with them, rather than trying to fiddle with the design and asking for changes that have no direct bearing on the end result which is to enhance the company’s image and build trust in their target audience.

Brand Solution: For this project, after much research and brainstorming, we decided to create a design that had a hint of the middle eastern art style while keeping the design modern and neutral. We presented the client with several different design styles with a central theme of an iconic abstract building. The client immediately likes this design and we then moved swiftly to creating the stationery design and rest of the branded items.The design looks majestic, old world and at the same time modern and crisp. The matching stationery design looks elegant and brand worthy.

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy

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