Shoe’s Cup & Cork, Leesburg, VA

Brand Story

A coffee shop & cafe located in downtown Leesburg servicing the locals approached Spellbrand for help with rebranding themselves. Located in the historic King Street in Leesburg, VA, Shoes Cup and Cork Club proves to be an inviting haven. Lovingly restored and decorated with an eclectic mix of reminders of the shop’s past and present, Shoes is a unique and cozy spot rich in heritage.The rich history and heritage of the cafe intrigued us and we decided to work with the client re-calibrating their brand positioning with a new logo design that would still have a vintage look about it. The name is quite unique and we wanted to approach the design with a modern vintage philosophy. When we saw photos of the interior of the cafe with it’s rustic tables and chairs made of old wood – a legacy from the old times, we felt that an emblem like design would work well to convey the aged aspect of the cafe and it’s history.

Brand Solution

Brand Solution: From the various logo concepts that we presented to the client, they honed in on the final design almost straight away. You can see the implementation above. The emblem like design is framed by a wooden plaque reminiscent of old English history. We used a coffee cup, a bottle if wine and two wine glasses as the iconic representation of the main aspects of the cafe. The word Shoes is prominent.

What we did

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy

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