Childrens Clothing Logo Design-0

Client: Children’s Clothing Brand

Type Of Project: Logo Design, Stationery Design, Facebook Design

Client Location: New York

Design Analysis: Clothes is an online retailer of children’s clothing. They intend to become THE source of kids clothing for parents of toddlers and they wanted a brand that communicates that they are a trustworthy/household brand.

To bring this story to life we chose the Kangaroo as the animal that closely represents the core attributes of the brand. We wanted to create a cute and friendly emblem that can also work as the brand seal and clothing tag design. The result is a simple yet stunning logo design that creates a memorable impact.

We took the color palette and applied it to a single point of focus to create a subtle yet powerful brand identity that extended into the stationery design.

The icon from the logo also works quite well without the outer emblematic circle. By repeating the icon, we can also create a brand pattern that can be used on marketing and promotional materials.

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