Chateaux Classic Homes Logo Design

Client: Chateaux World Classic Homes

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Paris, France

Design Analysis: Chateaux World offers a bespoke seek, find and buy service to its clients. They match your requirements with chateaux available on the market place both privately and through all main specialised agents, that are at realistic prices. Chateaux-World will create a short list of properties sourced from an extensive international network of agents, bankers, Notaires and private vendors. Chateaux-World then will facilitate reviews of the short listed properties and take clients to visit the most suitable in the short list. Chateaux-World Directors are accustomed to dealing in legal French which even the French find difficult to understand!

To communicate the classic luxury homes and castles that the brand deals with, we created an old heraldic regal crest based shield logo design incorporating the regal coat of arms and a beautiful ribbon and knights helmet on the top to create a striking emblem logo design.

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