Chariot Clothing Label Branding

Brand Identity, Clothing Label Design, Tag Design and Shopping Bag Design

Client Details

Client: Chariot Private Label Club

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: New York based clothing label Chariot had been in business for over a year with out any proper branding of it’s own. They had been selling other brands, building a loyal customer base and learning the business. Their plan was to launch their own private label and after a year of selling to the target market – high end, high income and style conscious Manhattan elite – they felt it was time to come up with their own label. They came highly recommended by another client of ours – Africa Agro Productions, so although we had a lot on our plates, we accepted this project.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Our task was to work with the client to build a brand strategy that would then enable us to create a brand language which could be translated into visual elements. This was no simple logo design creation exercise. It took us over 3 weeks to distill the client’s brand value clarity and where the client wanted to position their new brand which resulted in a clear brand message that the client can then use as the foundation for their brand.

With the brand message clearly defined, we helped the client profile their target market to the finest grain. This included working with a playbook that we devised for the client, competitive analysis, focus groups and existing customer survey. Most businesses make the mistake of not understanding and establishing who their primary target market it. When a business owner says their target market is “men between the ages of 30 and 50, living in New York and working in the finance sector”, it may sound like they have nailed it. But if you are not careful with the age ranges or geographic areas or even the occupational slot of your target market, you could end up targeting the wrong people and wasting tons of money, time and opportunity. A 20 year age range is quite vague. It may work for some kinds of businesses but the question is does it work for yours? You get the point.

Visual Brand Language

Once we had nailed down the perfect primary target market, we created a brand strategy for the client which included the tone of the brand, how various touch points should be handled, social media advice and even the language used on the marketing materials. Using this information, we brainstormed and came up with some really stunning design ideas. The client immediately fell in love with chariot based design. Although one might argue that it is a cliche, the design, the lines and elegance we infused into the design really made it a winner.

Once we completed the logo design, we created matching stationery design and started working on various brand elements. These included labels that you would hang on the clothes, leather brand patches for the pants, labe tags for the shirts and t-shirts and so on. We ended up with over 50 different pieces of artwork and design implementation directions. The result can be seen in these brand element treatments.

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