C’est La Vie is a start up company that wants to dive into the fashion industry. Initially they want to start off with caps and headwear. Their target audience is the modern male and female (ages up to 35 years). The goal is to become a supplier to major retail outlets in the UK an worldwide. The concept and ideas around this company will be for that certain individual who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Client: Caps and Headwear Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Manchester, UK

Togetherness and a desire that we can fulfil our potentials through hard work and make their products feel that they come from the heart with passion and creativity.

The brand itself is C’est La Vie often portrayed in a way that says ‘f**k it, that’s life’ and the client wants to show that you can have ups and downs, but at the end of the day it’s up to yourself to move on and make something of themselves.

Retail is an industry that has two main characteristics – it’s an extremely crowded marketplace and it’s ever-changing based on technological advancements. When you think about the retail experience of today, it seems like another world when compared to less than a decade ago.

In 2016, over half of all Internet users made a purchase through an online site, which amounts to over 1 billion people. Around 40% of males and 33% of females in the United States think that life would be much easier if they could just buy absolutely everything online and never shop in physical locations. And over half of consumers on the Internet are searching with their mobile phones, rather than on their desktop computer or laptop. These stats are incredible and clearly, show just how much retail is continuing to change every single year.

As a budding retail company or fashion entrepreneur, you’ve got to know how to wade through this complicated and crowded marketplace. There are so many fashion brands that you’re going to have to compete with, from large fashion brands like H&M to smaller boutique stores.

That’s why you’ve got to get prepared and know how to set yourself apart with some of the following strategies:

  • Use technology to your advantage by developing a top-notch website, turning your products viral through social media networks, and figuring out how to use the latest technology, like VR and Alexa/Google Home.
  • Put the customer’s experience at the top of your priority list. Today’s digital customer doesn’t have the time or the willingness to wait around. You’ve got to take care of them 24/7/365.

And of course, there are so many more tips on how to be successful in the digital age. But here, we’re going to focus on one of those – developing a stunning logo that gives your customers an insight into your company and sets your brand apart in the marketplace. That’s one of the reasons why a fashion brand from Manchester, named C’est La Vie, came to our team.

This client of ours wanted to dive head-first into the fashion industry. Before budding off into other fashion pieces, they want to start off in the caps/headwear category. As with many fashion brands today, their target audience or Millennials and Generation Z – males and females aged up to 35 years old. They have the big goal of becoming a supplier for major retail outlets in not only the UK, but around the world. They want their consumers to use these fashion pieces to stand out from the rest of the crowd and share their unique looks with the world.

The whole message that C’est La Vie wanted to show through their new logo is “f**k it – that’s life”. This is much like the actual translation from this famous French phrase. Our client wants to show their customers that no matter what ups and downs you go through in your life, it’s up to you to make something of yourself. You can’t count on anyone to live your life for you. Hard work, passion, and creativity are the words the brand wants consumers to think about when they see C’est La Vie.

Our team got together and created a logo that showed off those values to their fullest extent. It’s a very simple and modern logo with a square contained “C’est La Vie” and another design on the bottom right-hand corner. This design is meant to portray how life can be a complicated series of tosses and turns, but at the end of the day – everything will come together.

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