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Client: Gym Workouts 101 – Road To Success

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: Designing book covers and related branding is quite an exciting creative endeavour. Recently we worked with a client to design a simple yet stunning book cover design. Although it seems like books are on the way out, stores are still stocked with new books that are being released all the time. To compete with other books and stand out on the store stands requires a design that is bold and eye catching.

Bold should not however mean that the design should be unrelated to the topic of the book. Boldness with in the confines of the book genre should be carefully considered. The layout is paramount to a successful book cover design. Following some basic layout principles, it is important not to clutter the cover with too much information. Typically publishers have a huge say in the text and content that goes on the front and back covers of a book. The marketing department also would have some input and rightly so.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Branding, Book Cover Design, Brand Strategy

Book Cover Design Tips: Always ensure that your book cover connects on an emotional level with your target audience. Ensure that your personal preferences do not have a huge impact on the design. Instead base your choices on what would work with your buyers. As with any marketing activity, speak in the language of your buyer personas and design accordingly. Use limited colors and design elements. Select the right kind of photo(s) for your cover and your inner sleeve where you have your author photo.

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