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bodybuilding branding

FNG for branding and that stands for Full Natty Gear. A “Full Natty” is someone who doesn’t use steroids or PEDs. The brand was founded on the principle that steroids/PEDs are becoming too ubiquitous for casual use and also in professional sports. FNG is a fitness apparel brand that strives to combine performance apparel with making a statement about its wearer’s integrity, hard-work, commitment, determination, and ethics.

The brand is not trying to bash steroid users. Rather, it is about celebrating the natural athlete/gym goer’s determination/hard work and commitment. It’s also about body positivity, anti-instant gratification culture, with hard work and no shortcuts.

The type of apparel will include, moisture-wicking short sleeve shirts, tanks, long-sleeve shirts, and shorts for men and shirts, tanks, shorts, and pants for women. The brand could expand to provide more apparel similar to Nike/Under Armour.

body building clothing branding

One of the first things we approached from a design standpoint was a double helix design since it represents DNA and how anyone who is natural is trying to maximize their God-given potential with integrity and honesty, not through artificial means.

We played around with several different interpretations of the double helix and finally settled on this version which sort of gives the impression of fingers picking up a weight. We also chose a font type that was strikingly opposite to the soft rounded shape of the icon to provide contrast. The brand mark is abstract and modern and flexible to be used on any kind of media without losing the impact of the design.

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