Client: Beeond Tax Firm

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Tampa, Florida

Design Analysis: The purpose of Beeond Tax Firm, and more importantly, their business name, is to convey that they are MORE; They are beyond a tax firm, beyond accounting, or consulting, and marketing. The purpose of their company is to be a one stop shop for our clients. They want clients to think of us as a SOLUTIONS provider for their needs instead of a service provider. They provide income tax preparation, accounting, and payroll preparation through their Accounting & Tax Division. Through their Marketing division they sell consumer data, opt-in internet leads, direct mail campaigns, etc. For their consulting division, they handle mostly software and new business development consulting.

To bring home this message in a very subtle effective way, we chose to show an abstract bee in the logo. You can see just the antennae of the bee in the letter “O” of the logo.

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