Barbara Bang is a design brand specializing in high-end fashion jewelry designs. For the designers: – It’s a design lab in which all renowned designers have an opportunity to get the materials and infrastructure to accomplish their dreams. – They work as a design laboratory based on a fashion jewelry manufacturing company that does all the modeling and the production from sketches and best quality materials to creating the final product. They give designers the opportunity to create handmade designs and reach a wider audience. For the customers: – They have the highest quality and boutique and/or handmade design brought to them at affordable prices and unique looking designs.

Jewerly design brand: The client wanted a symbol that inspires women to be themselves and feel empowered. The brand image has to reflect a unique and exquisite fashion jewelry for the contemporary woman.

It’s important that their image is flexible enough to connect to both their target markets who are brand “associates”: 30 to 40 years olds, successful startup women who love design. Customers: 25 to 45 years old, fashion women, like to dress well, accessorize themselves.

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