B2B Office Furniture App Logo Design

B2B Office Furniture Logo Design

Client: B2B Office Furniture App Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Los Angeles, CA

IQubed is building the first online platform that will empower B2B office furniture buyers with the intelligence to make the best choices. Driven by a proprietary pricing tool, and other intelligence features, IQubed users can learn how, what, and where to buy office furniture and what they should pay to furnish their company. IQubed Furniture Genius service takes intelligence to the next level by brokering multiple, ready-to-order quotes from qualified dealers at the best prices. As the leading community of active office furniture shoppers, IQubed will serve dealers and manufacturers by connecting them with the customers they are looking for.

The brand is built around IQubed being the source for intelligence–perhaps more so the secondary meaning of the word as used in military or political terms–for office furniture buyers. The IQ represents intelligence. The “quebed” is a play on cube which itself is slang for office cubicle.

To bring this brand to light, we created an interesting icon of a light bulb with a cube inside it. This signifies, ideas, intelligence, power, source and so on.

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