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Brand Story: A chance meeting with some ex-colleagues resulted in the birth of an idea to create an asset management company in the Arabian Peninsula with a brand office in London. Competing against boutique management companies in London and the Saudi, this Torrent Holding prides itself on the local knowledge, a conservative approach, and a maverick mindset.

With a brand mission of “preservation of capital and diversity of investments”, Torrent Holdings approached SpellBrand for a timeless and classy design that would inspire trust amongst their target audience.

Brand Solution: Since the target market would be a cluster of wealthy individuals who look for stable growth of their investments under the watchful and expert eye of a trustworthy company, the logo design team chose to focus on creating an eagle icon mark. The eagle represents a watchful and omnipresent eye from the sky which aptly describes how this client proposes to operate.

Since the business would be operating out of Saudi Arabia, the client was hoping for an Arabic twist to the design which we delivered in the form of the eagle icon having a calligraphy style and look. The result is an elegant and stunning logo design that creates a Fortune 500 look and feel for this client.

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