Client: Aquiliq

Type Of Project: Brand Name & Logo Design

Services Included: Brand Strategy, Visual Design

Design Analysis: Aquiliq is an apparel brand and fashion business. They are crafting a lifestyle brand that may offer a variety of concepts such as street wear style clothing, or one that is more directed towards urban pop culture concepts all using the underlying brand as a model.

We created the brand name Aquiliq – based on the Latin word for “Eagle” which carried Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts. Also reference to a constellation that was mentioned in the Exodus in the 4th century BC, which lies in the Milky Way and contains many rich star fields and has been the location of many novae. An apt brand name for a company that delivers great service or products.

The logo design shows an eagle and thunderbolts both referencing the above concepts. A stunning iconic logo design that is quite memorable.

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