Apostolic Christian Temple of Sanctification Logo Design

Client: Apostolic Christian Temple of Sanctification

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Long Beach; California

Design Analysis: ACTS is an acronym for Apostolic Christian Temple of Sanctification. They are well known in the community because of their monthly outreach activities. The church has been Pastored for the last 20 years by a female pastor that has been an “angel” in the community by serving others.

The client wanted to make a bold statement. Since they are a different kind of ministry they wanted to steer clear of the norm. This meant we could not use any of the traditional church related symbols or imagery. So we decided to focus on the typography and add a design element integrated with the acronym. We chose to use angel wings and a halo on top of the word ACTS. This clearly focuses the message on the holy and divine nature of the ministry’s mission and values.

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