Accounting Branding Case Study

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Client: Pinnacle Charted Accountants

Location: London, UK

Pinnacle CA has a lot of history. Established over 75 years ago under a different name, the company is a leading Chartered Accounting Firm in greater New York. The family who owns and runs the firm decided it was time for a fresh rebrand with a brand name and identity. Naturally they approached SpellBrand Inc. to help them with this endeavour.

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Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Accounting Branding & Chartered Accounting Case Study

Coming up with a Brand Name is an exciting process. At SpellBrand, we approach naming a company from a “core values” and “company philosophy” perspective. For this accounting branding project, after our discovery process, we listed out 3 core values – Top of the game, Strength, and Timelessness.

We then built up a mind map emerging from these values and related keywords. We finally honed in on the “Apex” and “Strength” aspects but could not use the word Apex due to some conflicting names in the domain. We presented the client with a short list of over 10 different names from which the client selected “Pinnacle”.

Once the brand name was selected, our trademark team spent some time checking through USPTO to make sure the logo design trademark was safe. This involves a search through the Federal Trademark registry etc. Making sure your accounting brand name is clear is very important part of establishing a new brand.

Pinnacle represents the apex, the summit and is a modern and robust sounding name. Taking inspiration from the name and the core values, we created a half dozen accounting branding logo design ideas that touched upon one or more of the criteria. From the designs presented the client chose the design you see on this page. The design depicts an abstract mountain signifying strength, timelessness and at the apex is the pinnacle!

The client was thrilled with this design and quickly moved to finalize it. From here we started created the rest of the corporate identity with matching branded business card design, stylish envelope design and an elegant letterhead with a powerful folder design. We also created a couple of other merchandise elements such as key chains and erasers.

Accounting firms and in particular charted accountants really need to pay attention to their branding to create the right kind of impact. Their clients and target market expect extreme professionalism and competence from these firms. They need to trust these firms and to believe that they can do an excellent job. Their reputation and their competence is of course the primary factor in determining their success. The secondary factor is their branding. A weak and uninspired accounting firm logo design can actually create a negative impression.

How many times have you looked at the logo or branding of an accounting firm and think that they may not be professionals or capable of taking care of your account? A cheap impression can be detrimental to an accounting firm. While the price conscious target market may actually be put off by an elegant looking brand, most companies actually equate experience and excellence with how exquisite the brand looks.

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