Planning an Effective Holiday Email Campaign


The holiday season is approaching quickly—or at least the time for planning it is almost here! While summer is the slow season for many ecommerce website owners, you should be taking advantage of the time by using it to make your busy season as lucrative as it can be. One thing that can definitely be planned months ahead of time is your holiday email campaign. Here are a few things you can do now to ensure your holiday season is the best ever.

  1. Build your subscriber list. Let’s face it: an awesome email campaign with few or no subscribers is a waste of time—worse than no email campaign at all. Now is the time to run a contest, special offer or another list-building strategy. Familiarize your market with your brand and begin to get social networking followers. Going into the holiday season with a healthy email list will make your profits this winter healthier as well.
  2. Get to know your market. In order to design an email campaign that will appeal to your customer base, you need to know who exactly your consumer base is. You can identify markets based on your products, but there are ways to get to know your consumers more intimately. Surveys, social marketing and other strategies can give you a window into your customers’ mind and help you to begin segmenting your market into subgroups.
  3. Test different strategies. What special offers and visual themes appeal most to your customers? It is good to find the answers to the big marketing questions before your biggest sale season of the year is on the line. Try different fonts, different button sizes, and a variety of different elements to see which work the best. The answers just might surprise you, and your holiday season email campaign will be more effective thanks to this knowledge.
  4. Begin to develop emails. Once you have completed the above tasks, you can begin to prepare for the holiday season by working ahead. Get some of those emails prepared, or at least create a skeleton or template of them. You’ll be happy to a have a head start, however small, once you are neck deep in orders this Christmas. And, thanks to your fabulous holiday email campaigns, your ecommerce website just might be a little busier this year!
  5. Prepare different emails for different segments of your market. One benefit of getting to know your market intimately is that you then can plan different marketing approaches for different types of customer. This will help you to be as successful as possible with every single customer.

We aren’t saying to cancel your August vacation, merely to get a head start on the busy season while there is still time to get the information that you need in order to succeed. You deserve to have a great holiday season this year. All indications seem to point to an economic recovery, but most especially so for companies that are prepared.