Phoenix Design Week

By Mash Bonigala

Phoenix Design Week Celebrates Design of All Kinds

Design is a huge part of our culture, with logo designs on every package in our homes and graphic design pervading the internet. While we have a tendency to overlook these bits of design around us, we certainly register them on a subconscious level. Many people, particularly those involved in the design industry, feel that design is worthy of celebration and thought. Design weeks are popping up all over the world, with London Design Week over and Phoenix Design Week well underway.

Phoenix’s design week doesn’t just offer a chance to celebrate and learn about good design. Talks will be given on industry issues, such as how sustainability can be influenced and encouraged by the design industry and an examination of how different social norms are affecting modern design. These may seem a little heavy for the casual design enthusiast, but they are the issues that most affect modern designers right now. However, the design week festivities will include plenty of displays and other events designed to appeal to the masses as well.

The Phoenix Design Week has a name and a logo design, as one would expect from an event celebrating this image oriented festival. “Forward: Phoenix Design Week 2010” reads signs and flyers all over the city, inviting tourists and locals alike to partake in the exhibitions, receptions, and workshops focusing on modern design.

The logo is similarly forward. A cool modern blue is the background for the logo design, with a ribbon shape in black in the foreground. The blue is just a little duskier than sky blue and seems to represent a desert day without any distracting brightness. The ribbon, however, is squared off and blocky for a feeling of tradition. The Arizona skyline is a prominent part of the foreground in business-like taupe. The word ‘Forward’ is written in the ribbon in large, blocky letters in a simple font. The rest of the event name is written below in lettering of varying thicknesses, a popular modern design device. This logo represents some of the most popular and most modern logo design trends, all presented in an artistic way that compliments this event.

The event will not just feature local Phoenix designers, but national and global names as well. Not only will roundtable discussions allow these designers to debate some of the most controversial issues in modern design, but there will be a variety of well-known designers including Brian Singer of The 1000 Journals Project. For this reason, it is important that the logo design representing the event be a true showpiece, letting world see that Phoenix deserves a place in the global design scene.

If you are interested in design, events such as this are a good place to start. The design industry is always in need of talented new names to make their mark. Further, events such as this represent a great opportunity to get acquainted with the trends and styles that are popular in the field right now.