Philips Green Tick Logo


We often ignore the volume of energy wastage in our daily intercourses with electronic gadgets. But Phillips one of the trusted names in the global electronics industry is determined to make the consumers take notice of this costly ignorance. This is the reason behind this electronic giant’s introduction of a new consumer logo for its eco-friendly ‘Green Flagship’ product range – the Philips Green Tick. The Philips Green Tick logo will appear only on Green Flagship products in the Consumer Electronics portfolio, all of which are annually certified by external auditors.

On the first week of May, Philips Electronics had introduced this new consumer logo which is to be used exclusively on its range of environmentally friendly and safe consumer products that has been named, The Philips Green Tick. This new logo based on the theme of green hues has been designed with the aim of conveying an environment-friendly message to its customers. This logo has been created with an objective of attracting the consumer’s attention to the subject of energy wastage. In addition to the energy efficient usage of electronic gadgets, this new product range with this green logo is also to reflect the other environmental benefits such as the use of flame retardant materials.

The Philips products, bearing the Green Tick logo will help consumers distinguish between the ordinary products and these extremely energy efficient products that have been certified by external auditors as being 10 percent more energy-efficient than other products on the market. So when you watch your favorite show on the TV screen or watch the latest blockbuster on the DVD, think of the expensive energy that you just throw away. A Phillips product carrying the Green Tick logo comes with the guarantee that they consume a lot less energy than its competitor products.

According to the company source, Philips Green product portfolio accounted for EUR 2.2 billion turnovers in 2006. As of now, you will come across the Green Tick logo on 7 of Philips’ flat TVs. However, the company is on its way to double the number to 14 by the end of 2007. According to the company source, it will continue throughout the current year, the process of bringing the other electronic products under the umbrella of Green Tick logo and these products include DVD recorders, home theater systems, wireless solutions, portable accessories, and other devices. The Green Tick logo has been launched into retail outlets since April 2007 across Europe, North America, and Asia.