Pet Businesses Booming


Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted that house pets would become big business, but this certainly is the case now. Many people are as willing to spend money on their pet as on their child. All over the UK, pet businesses are opening to meet this new and growing demand.

Karen Oliver didn’t intend to become a business owner, but she realised the need was there after rescuing two dogs last year from her local animal shelter. She enjoyed walking her dogs every day around her hometown of Longbenton and began speaking to other pet owners. She researched the market and discovered that there were not enough pet services companies in her area to meet a quickly growing need.

People purchase pets on a regular basis or give them to children as gifts, but few people consider how the dog will be cared for while they are at work. A lonely and poorly supervised pet often develops problem behaviours, such as chewing on furniture. An alternative to getting rid of the animal, who often cannot help their behaviour, is to pay someone to check on the dog and take them for a walk. This is precisely what has made CDA Pet Services so successful.

CDA Pet Services further found several niches that were underserved in Ms Oliver’s area. First, most dog walkers take the animals on an unvaried, rather boring route. Ms Oliver offers walks in a variety of locations, including farms, beaches, and parks. She varies the length of the walk according to the dog’s needs. These ‘deluxe’ services have allowed CDA Pet Services to differentiate from other similar businesses.

Second, while many dog-walking businesses have the word ‘pet’ in their name, few offer services for other types of pets. CDA Pet Services is rather unique in offering services such as pet sitting for animals as diverse as birds, rabbits, and hamsters. This gives them the added boost of being a ‘one stop’ provider for all of a household’s animal needs.

Although the business has only been open for a short time, its position in the market has led to a comfortable slate of customers across Tynesdale and Northumberland. Ms Oliver is currently working with Tedco in Jarrow to acquire funding to pay for a website, which is the same organisation that helped her develop her business plan. Hopefully, a professional logo design and brand identity are also in the works. While sole proprietors can often get away without these things at the expense of their business, a pet logo design will be essential to CDA Pet Services’ growth. CDA Pet Services has an added advantage of serving an underserved group of needs, but a professional brand identity will be crucial as the business and its competition both grow.

Pet services are just one type of business that is growing right now. If you think you know of an underserved market, talk to a consultant today about what type of brand will appeal to them and give you the success that you deserve.