Personal Finance Software Website Review

By Eva Alsis

It seems like it should be easy to sell a free product, but having a professional brand and an attractive website certainly helps. Money Strands is a business offering award-winning personal finance software as well as an iPhone app on the subject. While many people consider budgeting an unpleasant topic, the current economy has made it a necessity… and this program makes it easy.

Website Reviewed: Money Strands
Website URL:

The fintech website is fresh and attractive with a modern lime green color with youthful orange accents and a logo design featuring—surprise—two strands intertwined. There are two navigation bars; one at the top of the landing page that contained information about the entire website and one in the central ‘information bar’ that is present on the home page alone showing the benefits of the software. There is also a long list of recommendations from several reputable businesses, which adds a lot of clutter to the home page and would be best placed on its own page.

There are many websites offering free software, but most people ignore them because they are worried about malware and illegal file sharing. The professional feeling of this website, including the brand, the wealth of information about the product, and the prominent display of awards received, contribute to the feeling of legitimacy. People want to be able to trust any software that they download, but especially any personal finance software. After the collapse of the banking world just a few years ago, we are wary of any personal finance brand, which makes trust as a brand attribute all the more attractive.


4 stars. The website has a good use of color and logical organization, but it does not have any aspects that are downright creative. In fact, it is a little bland. There is so much more that can be done with CSS web design that it seems a shame not to take advantage of a few fun features. This is especially important considering that the website is selling a technological product.

Ease of use:

5 stars. The Money Strands website is very easy to navigate. There are a few ways to get information about the product, both on the landing page and in the navigation bar. In addition, information about updates is shared on a news page (although we think these important bits of news may deserve a place on the landing page as well).


4 stars. It seems to be an epidemic lately—placing social networking links in the least accessible and noticeable corner of a website. Unfortunately, Money Strands has fallen victim to the epidemic as well!


5 stars. The content is well written and gives the right professional image for this software brand. Further, the written copy functions well as sales copy, promoting this product.


5 stars. This website is appropriate for its purpose and its audience, using color, shapes, and copy to build the exact right brand for the product.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars