Pastor Gets Tattoo of Logo Design


What does your logo design mean to you? Many business owners with professionally designed logos are very attached to them. After all, these images form the basis for your company brand and represent your business to the world. However, few have the affection for their church logo that a Southern California pastor recently displayed for that of his church.

Pastor Kyle Bonenberger is the pastor of City Church, which meets at a punk rock club in Anaheim. The church offers a slightly alternative approach to religion, including its nontraditional location. The attendance runs around 100 people. This year, the pastor was hoping to get twice that amount to attend a special birthday party marking the church’s one year anniversary and made a promise that shocked everyone except his congregation: if 200 people attended the party, he and another churchgoer would get the logo tattooed on their bodies.

Bonenberger, age twenty-six, claims that this was not a way of attracting media attention, but it certainly was effective in that regard. According to the young pastor, his aim was to show his dedication to God and to his community in a permanent way. He wasn’t the only one; when his quota was met, he and five other people had the logo design tattooed on them by a tattoo artist present at the service. Although the artist ran out of time, six other parishioners are planning to get the tattoo as well at a later date, leaving a permanent reminder of this occasion and the image that represents it.

The church met its quota, but barely. The two-hundredth person came in toward the end, much to the delight of attendees. Whether Bonenberger would have gone forward with the tattoo with an attendance that was one person short is unknown. However, he has stated that he wanted the image as a tattoo since he first saw it, and he likely has been waiting for an occasion such as this to get maximum leverage from this once in a lifetime decision.

Designing your church logo design can be quite challenging. The logo design in question is modern and yet represents the church well. Designed by the pastor’s friend a year ago, the logo features a heart surrounded by a circle. A cross is implies by the negative space in the breaks in the circle, which the pastor calls a ‘ghost cross’. While red is a nontraditional color for a Christian religious emblem, it is attention getting and shows how modern this church truly is.

What does your church identity mean to you? While most people are not willing to undergo the pain of a tattoo, you nonetheless should feel that your logo design is an integral and permanent part of your small business. This is particularly important if you are running a church or other religious business. If your logo design isn’t quite measuring up, contact a logo designer today and find out how to get an attractive and professional image that you, and your customers, can love.