Pannone Gets New Legal Logo Design


Why do law firms need a professional logo design and corporate brand? While law is not a design oriented field by any means, a firm still must provide a compelling reason for customers to choose them over the many options. Image is a huge part of this consumer decision. A dated logo tells customers that you are a bit out of the loop, while a fresh and modern one says that your company is fresh and modern as well.

London law firm Pannone is rebranding and has recently introduced a new logo and a new website to complement their new corporate brand. This is a good thing for several reasons. First, the firm has recently changed leadership—solicitor Emma Holt took over less than a year ago and is steering the law firm in a new and modern direction with new management practices. If you have never heard of Ms. Holt, she was named as one of the ‘Hot 100’ for management in The Lawyer magazine and also received Partner of the Year from the Manchester Legal Awards.

A second and even better reason to design a new brand is that the old one was simply too dated. The bright graphic design in red and black was attention getting to be certain, but it was spaced awkwardly—the letters are too thin and far apart, giving a disconnected feeling. The upper case, plain font was popular years ago, but now just feels out of date. The triangle used for the letter A is a strong shape, but it is not often used in our web 2.0 era.

The new logo has several advantages. First, it is similarly eye catching, but drops the nineties era red for a simple, sophisticated black and white. The letters are thicker and closer together, which is more modern and also just feels better. The lettering makes the law firm feel strong, but the way the two N’s are connected gives the impression of two entities coming together. It feels connected, and that will certainly appeal to the modern market. It also has a higher energy feeling in general, which modern people can identify with.

From an outsider’s perspective, the legal market does not seem to change at all. However, like all businesses, a solicitor’s office is certainly moving with the times. There are new regulations in addition to ordinary small business concerns like changing economics and a changing demographic. If a logo design does not change over time, it loses its appeal to contemporary customers, which can mean less business.

Legal logo design in the UK is very important. It must convey the same strength and knowledge that has historically been an integral part of the industry. However, it must feel connected and sympathetic as well. This can be a complicated set of values to portray in a single image, which is why it is important to work with a professional logo designer at a UK based agency.