Outsourcing 101


Every successful ecommerce websites gets to the point where the owner cannot do it all. At some point, you have to either hire employees or outsource. Outsourcing is usually the better option for smaller businesses, because it offers a wide range of experts without the headaches, expense and commitment of hiring an employee. However, it can be more difficult to make the choice about which duties should be outsourced. Here is a short guide to making that all-important decision.

Consider Your Passions

You probably love the field of work that you are in. Although there are so many mundane and less interesting tasks that occupy most of an ecommerce business owner’s day, there are also things that you love. Do not outsource duties that you enjoy, even if they happen to be the ones that are easiest to hire out. You need those moments of pleasure to get through the rest of it. You deserve to keep your passion alive. As a bonus, people who love an area are usually quite good at it because they have taken the time to learn all of the nuances. 

Consider Your Dislikes

On the other end of the spectrum, there are probably things that you hate to do. It will be easy to identify a few of these. If you need help building your list of dislikes, consider: what duties seem to take forever to accomplish? What tasks am I working on when I get distracted by other activities? These two factors are signs that you really do not enjoy these things and do not get into a ‘flow’ when working on them. 

Doing things that you dislike can be a waste of time because it will usually take you way too long. It also sucks your passion out of the business and makes you feel burnt out more readily. These should be at the very top of your outsourcing list because hiring them out may actually save you money, by allowing you to focus on more lucrative activities.

Consider Your Abilities

As your business grows, you are probably stretching your abilities to the max. No one can be an expert at everything, but an ecommerce website owner almost has to be! Think about the areas in which you seem to barely make the grade or even fall short. Maybe website design is not your specialty and you struggle to complete the day-to-day maintenance. Maybe you are not a great writer and your website is filled with marginal, not-so-compelling text. Outsourcing duties that you are simply not good at will improve the overall professional image of your company while allowing you to focus energy in areas that are your strong points.

Whatever the type of activities that you want to outsource, there is sure to be a contractor providing them for a reasonable cost. The secret is to keep your passions, hire out the things you hate, and let the experts do the expert work. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing; in most cases that professional help will pay for itself and help your ecommerce website to grow even more.