Organic Grocery New Logo


Applegate is a brand well known to people who shop for organic and all natural groceries, with twenty-years of producing natural meats and other products. However, fans of this brand will soon be picking up a very different package with a new logo design that is redesigned to appeal to their sense of style. This is because Applegate has completely changed their logo design to represent the company that they are today.

The company previously used a farm logo design featuring a classic plantation house flanked by tall trees. This certainly related to food production, but it did little to differentiate the brand. Further, the company has stated that the no longer feel that the image adequately represents them. This is partially because there are so many brands at this moment using similar farm imagery, including competitors who have less natural and ethical practices. The farm symbol has been so well used that it no longer stands for traditional farming practices the way it once did. However, the change is also necessary because a more basic logo design would be in keeping with modern preferences in art.  People increasingly are leaning toward simple, memorable lines rather than more complicated scenes.

The new logo design is definitely simpler and more appropriate for the modern natural foods consumer. It features an arrow through an apple, an image that has multiple meanings for the company. First, there is the reference to the well known story of William Tell, a story of skill and trust. Second, it resembles an arrow through a heart, which represents love and devotion. An arrow also connotes movement and change, while an apple is about as natural and healthy as you can get (not to mention the obvious connection to the name of the business). This logo design ties directly into the company motto of ‘Taste, Truth, and Trust’.

Not only is this logo design more representative of the company’s modern presence and planned direction, it is more attractive and easier to remember as well. The color scheme is basic and elementary, and the logo simple enough to actual form the basis of a brand. All meats come from a farm of some sort, so the old logo did little to differentiate this company from ones with less natural and less healthy products.

Red is a color that is often associated with foods, especially meats. Further, it is eye catching and stands out in this simple black and white context. The result is a logo that will grab customers’ eyes and make them take a second look.

Is your logo design continuing to resonate with your customer base? In the current economy, it is more important than ever to stay competitive. Don’t let the competition lure your loyal customers away and undermine your company. Talk to a professional logo designer about whether your logo design is as effective as it could be and what can be done to improve it. You’ll be happy you did.