Opera Community Website Is Quite Nice


Are you a diehard lover of the Opera browser? Niche products such as this seem to inspire a great deal of emotion in the people who prefer them. If you love a good Opera every now and then, and you aren’t talking about a fat lady singing, then the My Opera community might be for you.

My Opera is a community of sorts for people who use the Opera web browser. However, it also functions somewhat like a social network. You must register as a user, but from there you can get support related to the product or interact with other Opera lovers via blogs, chat rooms, photo albums, and groups.

Website Address: http://my.opera.com/community/

The amount of information shared on this website is rather phenomenal. Just looking around the landing page, I can see tons of photos, videos, news stories and popular discussions. You can discuss your My Opera discussions on your social networks with an easy click, and you can even find out what the software engineers behind Opera are having for lunch that day via the Opera Lunch Menu Twitter. Pretty much every little bit of interaction has been squeezed out of this site, and good CSS web design gives a clean, well-organized edge.

If you planning a website that will contain a lot of small pieces, this is one method to consider. After all, the My Opera website is a virtual mosaic of small bits of information, but there is no denying that it works.

Creativity: 3 stars. The website is well-organized, well-ran, and very well-balanced—but it really is not that creative unless you count the photos and videos submitted by users (we don’t, by the way).

Ease of use: 5 stars. This is where the My Opera website really shines. It has a large and diverse website, but it is very easy to fine everything. In fact, you can find it all quickly, usually with just two or three clicks.

Functionality: 5 stars. This website does not just function as a social network, it allows you to interact with it via other social networks. You know it’s 2011 when you are stepping out to Facebook or Twitter to talk about another social network that you belong to! Links to social media are placed all over the website to make it easy to coordinate with other pursuits.

Content: 5 stars. The words are very well-written considering that this is not a product (or a website) from an English speaking country. The writing is humorous and fits in well with the fun, youthful brand.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is meant to offer support, but more importantly, it is offering fellowship among lovers of a niche product. While many of the people on this website have a social networking presence elsewhere, they keep coming back here because the website makes it easy for them to find the latest news about their fave browser and also to interact with other enthusiasts.


Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars