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Non-profit organizations need to have a strong brand strategy that tells their story in a visually compelling way. Positioning the organization is very important and creating the right messaging is critical.

Non-Profit And Charity Logo Design

When Should a Non-Profit Design a New Logo?

It’s not really advisable for non-profit organizations to change their logo often. Why? It’s primarily due to the costs associated with the revamp. For one, hiring a skilled graphic designer can be expensive. Next, it will definitely cost you a lot of money to update all of you electronic and print materials and a non-profit website. But these are all financial costs. There’s also cost in terms of staff time that is required to properly manage such a major undertaking.

And most important of all, non-profit organizations simply don’t have the resources to make themselves as visible as regular for-profit companies. This means that if you decide to change your logo, it will probably take a long time before you’re able to re-achieve brand recognition.

But of course, there will perhaps come a time when a non-profit feels it needs a new logo. Here is a short list of questions to ask to determine if it’s time for a logo overhaul.

1. Are you and your staff hesitant to use your logo?

In other words, are you proud of your own logo? If you don’t love your own, then most likely no else does. You may design a survey to get the opinion of your staff members, clients, and even random people about your logo.

2. Are you using a logo simply because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings?

A non-profit or philanthropic organization’s logo should be more than eye candy. It should be able to send a powerful and positive message about your mission. If your organization simply allowed one of the founders or the niece of your biggest donor to create your charity logo, then it probably isn’t as professional, strong, and strategic as it should have been when you opted to hire an expert graphic designer instead. There really is no excuse for using a charity logo that you think doesn’t work just because someone will get offended.

3. Does your organization’s logo translate well in other media?

A logo often looks gorgeous when viewed on a computer monitor or when printed in full color. But a nine-color logo will only be useless when it doesn’t look good when resized, faxed, or printed in black and white. In cases such as this, you won’t always need an overhaul. You may find that you only need an altered version of your logo so it will render well in, say, your photocopied materials.

4. Do you think that your logo or organization name presents an inaccurate description of what you really do?

Most of the time, organization expand and outgrow their names. For instance, if you’re an organization named “Tri-County Psychological Assistance” then you eventually expand to cover six more counties, then it’s time to change your name. The same goes for your service menu. If you used to focus on healthcare alone but grew to cover education as well, then change your name and charity logo. Don’t let your logo give incorrect or misleading information to any of your constituents. A good tip is to always create an organization name and logo with expansion in mind so that you won’t outgrow them in the future.

5. Has someone commented that your logo looks similar to someone else’s?

If you’re often told your organization’s logo looks like Non-Profit A’s logo, then don’t think twice about changing it. But there may be one exception to this: if your brand is stronger compared to others whose logos look similar to yours, then it probably means that your logo holds more valuable. They probably just copied your idea. Or you probably copied theirs but did so much better in infusing meaning and value in it. But make sure that you get an external party’s opinion on this. Is that person able to quickly distinguish you from the others? If not, then go for a new logo.

6. Do you often receive calls from other people who think you’re doing something else?

Let’s say that you’re a group dedicated to helping unfortunate children by providing them with new clothes. If people constantly mistake your organization for a children’s clothing shop, then your name and/or logo isn’t working for you. It’s probably not able to accurately express what you really do so it’s time to explore.

Should your organization decide to design and implement a new logo and/or name, it’s advisable to consult a third party for a fresh perspective. The approach to logo design is best started with new points-of-view.

Design That Makes a Difference: The Top Ten Charity Logos

Why would a charity need a logo? In modern times, successful non-profits are run with the same shrewdness and professionalism as the most successful Fortune 500 company. They take their dedication to their cause with the same seriousness that a CEO gives to their profit margin. As such, even charities need public relations and an image, complete with a logo. Here are some clear winners when it comes to creative logo design for charities.

1. International Red Cross

International Red Cross Charity Logo Design
The International Red Cross is a humanitarian non-profit that focuses on providing emergency care to victims of war and disaster. With a logo that is recognized around the world, this organization has become synonymous with mercy and charity. What makes this creative logo design? First the Red Cross logo is a color and a shape that are easy to recognize even from far away. Second, it is simple enough that it hasn’t had to be modified in the century and a half since Clara Barton created the organization during the American Civil War. The high recognition of this logo is crucial to this company’s ability to help others.

2. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy Charity Logo Design
This environmental organization’s motto says it all: ‘Protecting nature. Preserving life’. With a special concern for native plants and animals of dying habitats, The Nature Conservancy aims to save the globe one habitat at a time. Its creative logo design states this without words. The sphere is green, suggesting both ‘Mother Earth’ and the green movement. The leaves on the sphere make people think of nature, while the round shape suggests inclusiveness. The message? That we are all included in this organization’s mission to protect nature.

3. WWF

WWF Charity Logo Design
The World Wide Fund for Nature, formerly the World Wildlife Fund, is another conservation-oriented charity. However, its logo couldn’t be more different. It features, simply, a stylized and easily recognizable panda. Because pandas are a nearly extinct animal that has been rescued by the WWF and other concerned organizations, there could be no better mascot for this creative logo design.

4. The United Nations Children’s Fund

The United Nations Children’s Fund Charity Logo Design
Also known as UNICEF, this organization was created to provide emergency supplies such as food and water to children who are affected by war and natural disaster. It is only appropriate that this logo design feature the United Nations logo with an adult holding up a small child. Because this is a United Nations program in which adults support children through difficult situations, the logo is more than appropriate. It is recognized around the world and will continue to be a force in children’s rights in the foreseeable future.

5. Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Charity Logo Design
The looped pink ribbon of this organization has become an international symbol of breast cancer research and survival. This impactful logo incorporated the American habit of wearing different colored ribbons to show support for different causes. Many people wear the pink ribbon or buy apparel with this graphic to show their support for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the largest breast cancer charity on the globe, and with this publically supported logo, it’s easy to see why.

6. Save the Children

Save the Children Charity Logo Design
This international children’s charity focuses on improving the lives of children worldwide through a variety of means, including by providing an education and healthcare to many young people who otherwise would have no access. The red color is attention-getting and urgent, while the round shape makes people feel included. The small child shape in the center of the circle holds out its arms, reaching out to prospective donors. The message of this creative logo design is that these children need help immediately, and that you can be included in the effort.

7. Grantscape

Grantscape Charity Logo Design
This British non-profit focuses on funneling grants to individuals and organizations that can use them to perform social good, such as by protecting the United Kingdom’s fragile environment. Grantscape’s logo perfectly expresses this goal. The logo features a plant opening, a reference to the conservation programs supported by this non-profit company. The bloom is a round shape that could also be seen as a sun. Through Grantscape, the light of charity is blooming, and this creative logo design expresses that perfectly.

8. Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International Charity Logo Design
Habitat for Humanity International is a religious non-profit that rallies communities to build homes for people who need them. With donated materials and time, this is actually done for a very reasonable price, allowing every dollar given to this charity to be stretched unimaginably far. The blue and green of the logo are both calming colors, but they are also associated with our planet. As a global charity, this is appropriate. The house-like shape of this creative logo design shelters three people of various sizes, expressing what this company does best: giving families a place to call home.

9. Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Charity Logo Design
Boys & Girls Clubs of America aims to help poor urban youth by providing after school activities and other programs designed to enrich their lives. The goal is to raise well rounded adults and create stronger communities. The top 10 children logo design expresses this mission succinctly. The image is of two clasped hands. The hands roughly form the shape of a triangle, which implies strength. The message is that together we are strong, which is precisely what the Boys & Girls Clubs want to communicate.

10. Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s Charity Logo Design
This British children’s charity began as a chain of orphanages, but later became a foster care and adoption charity. The logo shows two adults holding a child’s hands. Their hands are raised up and they appear to be skipping, giving the logo a joyful feeling. This creative logo design does a great job of communicating the key mission of Barnardo’s: to create happy families and nurture children.

From children’s rights to environmental advocacy, these non-profit organizations have a variety of causes. However, they all have two key things in common: they all are extremely successful as businesses, and they all have creative logo design that enables them to express their mission in a pictorial form. Would these organizations be able to help so many without their well-recognized and well-respected logos? Luckily, we’ll never have to find out!