New Twenty Ten Golf Course Ready for 2010 Ryder Cup


The Celtic Manor Resort was already a premium golf destination known to golf fans throughout the world. However, in preparation for The Ryder Cup in 2010, the resort had made several expensive changes, including opening a championship layout golf course called Twenty Ten.

People who stay at The Celtic Manor Resort already are offered the best of treatment, including five star hotels, several gourmet restaurants, and premium spa facilities. The resort has a powerful brand and logo design that are recognized by golf enthusiasts everywhere. By opening a new and even more premium course just for The Ryder Cup, The Celtic Manor Resort is signaling its readiness to present its brand in the very best light on an international stage.

This golf course has been designed to be especially challenging, presenting the resort not just as a fun golf getaway, but a professional quality experience for those who want to take their game to an entirely new level. The holes were created to maximize the high drama that the sport logo design often lacks, with a magnificent closing stretch including a par-five 18th hole. As they watch their favorite professionals be challenged by the course, television viewers will be able to imagine themselves overcoming the same obstacles.

Spectators also are in integral part of any golf match, and the course was designed with their comfort in mind. Large hills surround each hole to give a great view to a large crowd of people. With an astounding £16 million pounds invested in the course, it is clear that the golf course and resort is hoping to attract a new and more sophisticated crowd.

The Celtic Manor hardly needed the boost in branding that the media exposure will offer. The resort offers not just world class hotel and spa facilities, but state of the art health facilities and a range of sports from shooting to trail walking. The logo design is a portrait of the tradition associated with the resort. The grassy green relates to the natural setting of the resort as well as to the grass that makes up the greens. A round shape gives a sense of friendliness while enclosing a griffin, which is a fearsome and frightening image from the past. Rounded lettering that is blocky in all upper case letters completes the balance between seriousness and inclusiveness. Many people who are interested in golf or the world of luxury spas already recognize this logo and associate it with the first class experience that the resort has to offer.

Media attention is a powerful way of building one’s brand, so it is crucial that your brand and your business be operating at its very best when cameras or journalists are present. The Celtic Manor Resort has done just this, creating an awe-inspiring setting for a sporting event that will attract millions of viewers and establishing itself as a global leader in golf vacations. This was an expensive decision, but one that will surely pay off.